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MSI - Materials System Inc.


Broadband Sonar Transducers and Arrays

Materials Systems Inc. (MSI) designs and manufactures custom sonar transducers and arrays for a wide range of applications, including mine detection, mine classification, swimmer detection, harbor security, torpedo homing, parametric sonar for sub-bottom profiling, AUV sonar including side-scan, forward looking sonar, obstacle avoidance, bottom mapping, and acoustic communications (ACOMMS).  MSI’s piezocomposite technology provides extremely broadband sonar with high receive sensitivity, high source levels, and conformability for curved arrays.

Resonant transmit designs are available at frequencies ranging 20 kHz to over 1MHz.  Receive arrays cover this same range and more, operating as low as 3 Hz in long-range surveillance arrays.

MSI's patented ceramic injection molding process efficiently produces piezocomposite material in high volume with excellent uniformity. The ability to fabricate piezocomposite in large sheets allows cost-effective manufacturing of arrays having multiple elements and complex shading.

MSI has an experienced staff of scientists, acoustic designers, mechanical engineers, and technicians who develop custom sonar transducers and arrays. During the transducer design process, MSI engineers work closely with the customer to ensure that the resulting sonar array meets specified electromechanical requirements and is optimally integrated with the customer's signal processing electronics.

MSI's process is vertically integrated, with full control over all raw materials. MSI is ISO 9001 certified.

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