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Sonnet® Software has been developing 3D planar EM software since 1983, which has earned a solid reputation as the world's most accurate commercial high frequency planar electromagnetic (EM) analysis tool suite for single and multi-layer planar circuits and antennas. The Sonnet Suites is aimed at electromagnetic model extraction of predominately 3D planar passive circuits and antennas, including RFIC, MMIC, co-planar waveguide, RF PCB (single and multiple layers), RFID and RF packages incorporating any number of layers of planar metal traces embedded in stratified dielectric material.

Founded in 1983 by Dr. James C. Rautio, Sonnet Software Inc. is a private company dedicated completely to the development of commercial high frequency EM software. Sonnet Software takes pride in providing quality technical support for their products--which Sonnet believes to be crucial for high-end technical software products.

Sonnet Software, Inc. is based in Syracuse, NY, USA with representatives across the globe.

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